new files take several minutes to show up in project view


Is there a setting somewhere I can adjust to force PyCharm to scan the project directory for new files.

I know I can right click on a directory and select “Reload from disk” to force this to happen, but it's a pain when what you are working on creates new files frequently.

Internal changes (i.e. a file created by a script) or external (i.e. a file copied into a directory under the project), they all take several minutes to show up in the project view unless manually forced to refresh.



What IDE version do you use? Do you use WSL?


Same issue on Kubuntu, recent version 2023.3.3 in PhpStorm. 


Started happening somewhere around middle of last year, but now it's getting unbearable. 

It literally takes RMB > Reload from disk > Waiting few minutes until I can open the newly created folder structure, even if it's empty. 


Please add in Help | Edit Custom Properties, close the IDE, delete the system directory ( and restart the IDE.

If the issue persists, please file a bug at with the logs attached (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data).