CLion Dev Container /lib64/ not found



I'm trying to use Dev Container with CLion (Windows) (233.11799.287). 

My Dockerfile is here:

I click in Welcome to CLionDev Container and fill in the details (github URL) and everything goes well to the point of creating the container and it then states Environment Prepared, and then I see Deploy Failed : (

The output log is here:

Looking through it, I see this:

 /root/.cache/JetBrains/RemoteDev/dist/5e0b8d8cdf7c1_CLion-2023.3.1/bin/ failed.
Stdout: not a tty
IDE config directory: /root/.config/JetBrains/RemoteDev-CL/_IdeaProjects_project1
IDE system directory: /root/.cache/JetBrains/RemoteDev-CL/_IdeaProjects_project1
Config folder does not exist, considering this the first launch. Will launch with New UI as default
Force enable new UI
Enable JDK auto-detection and project SDK setup by default. Set REMOTE_DEV_JDK_DETECTION=false to disable.
Is running inside Docker container: 1
Disable Project SDK editor notifications
Set '' registry key to 'true' to enable Remote Development project SDK notification
Stderr: tty: ignoring all arguments
/root/.cache/JetBrains/RemoteDev-CL/_IdeaProjects_project1/pid.316.temp.jbr/bin/java: exec: line 2: /lib64/ not found
Caused by: exit status 127"}

When I open a shell inside the container, I can see there is no /lib64 folder. Instead, there is a /lib folder containing

I'm not sure how to resolve this. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Many thanks!



It seems you faced IDEA-337397. Please comment or upvote the issue in order to get updates. See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.