Support for Windows Docker Containers



I'm just trying to figure out if it's viable to put a Windows build environment (VS build tools, cmake, ninja etc.) into a Windows Docker container and use it via the Dev Container infrastructure from CLion. The idea was to have one container that all devs use, but mount the local source. Ideally, that container would also be used in the Azure pipeline.

So far, I had lots of issues.I can build the image from command line just fine, but not from CLion ("buildkit executor not implemented for windows"). Adding the image as a Docker toollchain also does not work, as it does not find Docker CMake for example.

Now, I get the feeling that Windows containers may not be well supported - if they're supported at all? Is there any information on that? Has anyone successfully done something like that?

Thank you!



Indeed, Windows images are not supported yet -

Here is the related feature request - IJPL-66425. Feel free to comment or upvote it. See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.