Will copy-pasting / exporting bookmarks from one branch to another be possible?


I am using the latest (as of now) version of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2024.1.2.

Although I've been using IntelliJ IDEA for ages, only recently started to actively use the “Bookmarks” feature.  And today I've noticed that Bookmarks I created when working on one Git branch of the same project were not present when I created a new branch (based on “master”). Well, OK, it may have its benefits etc. And that is not my concern.

The point is that I, like many of us, for each Jira task create a new Git branch and work in it. And it was really unexpected for me that I cannot just copy-paste / export my existing bookmarks (which I nicely named and spread in different dedicated folders) into a new branch where I need them, because the new task is related to my previous one, so I need these bookmarks.

Really? How come such a powerful IDE does not provide Bookmark copying / exporting option within the same project? Looking in different IDE config files and manually copy-pasting XML parts into other config files doesn't seem nice to me.

Is it at least planned in JetBrains to eventually allow copy-pasting / exporting existing Bookmarks within the same project? Also I have the “All Products Pack ” subscription, so it would be nice to have not only in IntelliJ IDEA, but in other JetBrains IDEs too.

I am sure JetBrains is capable of implementing such feature. Please, it would be really useful etc.



OK, I guess it is related to the fact that different Git branches may contain changes (or the related file(s) may be already deleted), so that previous line numbers will be obsolete etc.

By maybe JetBrains can utilize their “magic” and somehow address this nuance too?


Hello, Levan Kekelidze. I created a corresponding feature request in our YouTrack; please feel free to upvote it to show your interest and receive updates.