Local History not tracking changes



We're using version 5.0.1 and Local History does not seem to be working. No changes show up - all I see is all of the automatic and manually created labels without any changes. Obviously, we have it turned on in the Settings. We're having it watch changes for 3 days.



This is happening to me as well. I've been using this version of IDEA (5.1.1) since April 5th (a little over a month), and I think it's only been doing this for a few weeks. (But that could mean that it started a month ago, and I didn't notice right away.

I can show local history, and I see all the same labels that I used to, but there aren't any differences shown in the older versions. No matter what version I select to compare to the current one, it's always the current version shown on both left and right.


Here's another clue: It probably stopped working around the time I switched from a ssh+svn:// repository to a http:// repository. At the same time, I rearranged the directories. Would the local history get lost if I moved directories around?


I upgraded to 5.1.1, and my history is back. I don't know what caused the problem.


I just upgraded to Webstorm 2023.1 (RC1, I think?) Build #WS-231.8109.93

I've encountered this bug twice in the past few days. Restarting webstorm fixes it temporarily.


It is hardly related to the 17 years old question :) 

Please, create new thread describing all the symptoms including screenshots. 

Thank you in advance.


Yeah, obviously it's not the same cause, but the bug is the same.

I'll create a new thread.