Choose all changed files from git for deployment

I have create a Branch in Git "update_v1_v2". Then I change some files.
After this, I commit the change in git and have a look at the git_log.

Question: Is there a way to mark all chaged files out of this gillog in the Projectfile-Tree ?

I worked before with Eclipse (APTANA), there I had an option in Context-Menu: Mark Files in Tree.

Would love to have an easy way to be able to upload only all changed files to liveserver, instead to do a "sync" over the whole project.


Ah! Now I got this.

In that case I would suggest using After Commit upload action from the Commit Changes dialog window: <>.

As for commits that were already made, currently there's no such option. We already have a related request submitted to our tracker here: <>. Please vote for it in order to move it up in the queue and receive notifications regarding the progress of the feature. See more information on working with tracker at <>.


In the Version Control tool window, in the Log tab there is a history of commits with authors and dates. If you click on any of the commits, on the right you can see the files that were committed during this particular action. Clicking the file will show you diff window with changes that were introduced by the author.

Find more information here: <>.

Would this be suitable?


Thank you for your answer, but that was not the question.

I'm familar with using git to see which files are changed, and even the diff-funtion of it.

The Question was, how to get all Files (from one particular commit) marked in the Project-Tree... so you could do "right click ⇒ upload to..."

Hope you see what I mean.



I have the same question, but the solution you wrote do not solve my problem.

We have a project on more than one server, so the upload to one server after commit is not enough.

I need exactly the feature like Samuel Suther mentioned. I need to select changed files and upload them. Or, that could be maybe much better, I need in the Version Control window Log tab after selection a commit the possibility to upload the files directly from here. Something like right click on the folder and upload to...

Is here now a way to do this?





  1. If you are not commit changes yet.
    - In tab “commit” (⌘0 for mac) right click on “Changes” → Deployment → Upload to…
  2. If you already  commit changes.
    - Go to git window (⌘9 for mac) you will see all commits list of the current branch.
    - Should one of the very beginning (maybe the initial commit) right click it then, “Reset current branch to here…” → Soft.
    - Then you will see the changes files showing in the tab “commit” (⌘0 for mac) right click on “Changes” → Deployment → Upload to…
    - After upload as you need then update your branch back.