Full width bottom pane is a waste of space


Currently tasks like the test process, output from server output in the bottom pane of the IDE. The position at the bottom of the screen suits me, but it is a shame that this pane has to take over the whole of the bottom of the IDE window. On the modern wide screen monitors, this pane is very wide and most content wastes a good third of the space. If the side panes were allowed to be full height and the bottom pane only spread across the width of the central pane, I think there would be a lot more usable space.


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I think this would be better:

L Center R

This would mean that for example in the left pane I could display the maximum number of items in the Project pane without it being truncated by the lower pane.

I realise I could float the bottom pane into my desired position, but then I lose content from the central pane below it. That is, the scroll bars disappear behind the bottom pane when I scroll to the bottom of a large file.

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You can make side panels to be undocked, this way they would use the full height of the app window. As for the bottom place, it's the place for things like debugger for ages, which requires lots of horizontal space.


Undocking the side panes means the central pane content disappears behind the side panes.

I can accept that there may be occasions where a full width bottom pane is useful. My issue is that there isn't any alternative. The only option is to have the bottom pane as full width. When using a modern widescreen monitor wide is very wide and it is height that is at a premium.


I'm +1 for this.

Since I get a new 23" FullHD monitor this makes a lot of sense. Of course, It's my case and not everybody's. So, maybe it could be a layout option.


In the same direction, there is an old (1 year + 1 week + 1 day) request to let us minimize the bottom panel when running tests :
   clone the test runner progress bar in the main screen


Yeah +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 .. Been trying to figure out how to do this for ages.

This really annoys me on a 1080p screen let alone a 2k or 4k screen.. I prety much only use git bash/find/todo and only need half of the width for these.


It's Settings -> Appearance & Behavior -> Appearance -> Widescreen tool window layout!


Dinh Quoc Han, damn, that's exactly what I need! Thanks!