Support PHPDBG for debugging in PhpStorm



I know PhpStorm supports Zend debugger and XDebug. Support for NuSphere's non-commercial DBG module has been declined since the module has not been updated by original author for years (even though commercial module is being developed and work great).

Now PHP 5.6 since 2014 ships with new native PHPDBG module written by krakjoe.

PHPDBG should provide many great features ( and has significantly better performance than any other server debugging module (

Unfortunatelly, there are pretty limited resources on general usability, and AFAIK there's no PHP IDE integrating this module.

Is there any chance to integrate this PHPDBG into PhpStorm, so it would nicely show local/global variables, breakpoints, watch window, call stack, immediate expression evaluation etc?

Short background info:
Currently I am using NuSphere mainly because of their excellent commercial DBG module. But their IDE (PHPEd) misses many features, which can be found in PhpStorm. Also NuSphere's customer support sucks - it looks like the company is driven by 1-2 people :-) On the other hand, I dont want to switch to PhpStorm because it only supports XDebug which is ugly and unintuitive (unlike PhpEd's). I dont know if Zend's debugger is available for free, but it looks like buggy and expensive commercial option. So if PhpStorm could add support for PHPDBG and improve IDE debugging interface, we would definitely switch to PhpStorm.

Thanx for your response.





Thank you for your post. We already have this feature request on our bug tracker:


Feel free vote for it in order to move it up in the queue and receive notifications regarding the progress of the feature. See more information on working with tracker here