Resolve Simple Conflicts Automatically


I am merging 2 git branches that are causing lots of simple conflicts.

All of them are automatically resolved by IDEAs "Resolve simple conflicts" button but there are over 100 files I have to do this for.

Is it possible to automate this?



opticyclic searches

We don't resolve simple conflicts automatically for multiple files in order to avoid any unreviewed changes.


Git has multiple options for resolving conflicts. You might try using the git command directly. 

That said, I also wish this happened. No matter what method I use to resolve conflicts, I ALWAYS do a comparison after to make sure the merge went well. I don't need the forced button-pushing. Perhaps a dialog that says, "Are you super sure? You should do a diff afterwards to check the result."


@Ruslan It would be cool if there would be an option for the Diff & Merge Tool "Automatically resolve simple conflicts" (kinda like the "Automatically apply non-conflicting changes")