maven auto import


Where did the setting for maven auto import go?    I'm using the new ultimate 2020.1 version and cannot find it.

It used to be here:

Intellij 2019.3:  Settings -> Maven -> Importing.  Uncheck "Import Maven projects automatically"


In version 2020.1 we removed the option (Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Build Tools | Maven | Importing | Import Maven projects automatically) and implemented a new way for managing dependencies in the project.

Please check our blog post for getting more information.


Well, I rarely had issues like what are described in the blog.  I.E. The way it worked before worked 95% of the time for me, and so I think for me that was better than having to hit control shit o every time I make a change to a pom file.  I've forgotten to do the update so many times now that it really has me frustrated (because my classes are still not found after inserting the new dependency into the pom).  I wish there could be a way to have a setting that would allow the user to choose which way they preferred.  Something like, put the original checkbox question back on the settings dialog, but with a disclaimer about how the system will work if they choose to turn it on or off. 

BTW, thank you for the quick and accurate response.  I've been using intellij now for 10 years and love it.  I've never had to ask any questions on the forums before, so this was a good experience, despite being bummed about not having auto import anymore.  


I have to say I agree with Wryan, the auto importing was never an issue for me. Usually a dependency is copy-pasted from the maven website, and so I don't recall/didn't have the issue of an annoying popup. PS I've used IDEA since 2013, love it, also my first gripe since then.

PS I will see how it goes with use, first impression is this is now an extra unneeded step to import.


I'm not a fan of having to manually import.  I've used IntelliJ for years (and love it) with maven auto import enabled and I can't remember any issues I ever had.  Perhaps very occasionally it would be a little slow but I'm stretching to even suggest that.  Most of the time it worked flawlessly for me.  Now I have a manual step I have to remember to do to re-import after making pom file changes.  Seems like a regression in user experience at least in my opinion.


Totally agree - this is a major backwards step for maven users, PLEASE reenable auto-import and give the people who had issues 5% of the time an option to do something different :-(


What kind of a **** move is this?! I really enjoyed the auto-import in Intellj. Why remove the option that robs us (you know the end-users) of the decision? This is a massive step backwards. And for what? Because you guys have decided - in our place - it's too much overhead for the end-users? Which is absolutely not the case. I hope this is fixed in the next release. Just sickening!!!


Thank you for your feedback Aaron, I added it to the IDEA-235459. Feel free to vote for the request and subscribe to updates on the progress.


@... maybe it will be more convenient to vote for NEW features instead of voting for reverts of badly implemented solutions which hurt the user base?..


stupid idea to remove auto-import, bring it back


Kivan Mih, new features bring something new to the product. The OP here, the submitter of IDEA-235459 and 203 more users who voted for the issue would like to see old functionality restored to the way it was.

If you can think of a new, different way to implement this or similar functionality in IntelliJ IDEA, you can submit a new standalone feature request; we'll be happy to check it out.


@..., Kivan wasn't proposing "a new, different way to implement this or similar functionality..". What he really wanted to say is that it's much better to have voting before IntelliJ IDEA team decide to remove such good and proven features like "auto import". If you had done it in this way you wouldn't have had all this discussions here and we (end users) wouldn't have spent several hours of our time googling the root cause of the issue.


Thekadelhi exactly, thx for such a precise explication.


Thekadelhi, can't argue with that. The intention behind it was good, I'm sure, and sounded reasonable to some, but the outcome could've been better. Which is why a fix to bring the feature back and make it optional is underway.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


@..., no worries.

IntelliJ IDEA is probably the best IDE in the market and that's the reason why people who have been using it for years react so emotionally.

Thank you.


This is the worst update in 5 years!


Thanks for wasting my time 3 hours to find where is the update.

I was so much wondering  why I am paying for subscribing for IntelliJ now u helped my a lot to solve these issues. 



Downloaded latest version of intellij spending ages figuring out why maven was not importing new dependencies thinking my environment is broken. Now I have to click the blue spinner every time I bring in a new dependency. Wtf is bring back auto import. 



Try the latest EAP version. A new control was added to the Maven tool window (as a result of IDEA-238567) allowing users to toggle between different auto-reload modes.


Hi Arina Efremova thanks for that it works again auto import is back :) 


I totally agree with Kivan Mih that voting in advance would be nice. I never received a newsletter from IntelliJ team about hello guys we are about to remove Maven auto-import and with the new feature you will have to click after every POM change. Are you okay with that? I think most of the users would have said that this was not OK. And maybe you would have saved effort on your side and on users' side too. I also spent some time to find out why my new dependecy is red...

And I experience this kind of attitude elsewhere too. Like 'NEW' is better than 'OLD'. Now its like 'ANNOYING' or 'NEEDS MORE EFFORT' versus 'WORKING' or 'PROVEN'. For me another big pain is the refactored Git handling. There is no way (or at least I couldn't locate it) to get a view where only changed things are highlighted. Causes me more work before each commit and I think it is more error prone. I just hate that new Git feature. I even went back to good old git diff...

I use IntelliJ Ultimate Edition for more than 2 years now (and love it), but I started to develop some fear of update to the new version when it is released. I didn't do it for 2020.1 until the first minor relase. And it would be better to still use 2019.3.


Thank you korcsmarb629, I forwarded your feedback to the developers.


@Arina Efremova this is back as a hotfix. As far as I can see I have to remember and enable it for every single project.

The new quick-fix function doesn't remember my old setting. I had autmatic import enabled for all projects.



>I have to remember and enable it for every single project

It is the case with existing projects at the moment, yes. 'Auto-reload after external changes only' is automatically selected as a default. I forwarded your feedback to the related developers for reviewing.

You can also vote for and add comments to IDEA-240189 (suggesting an optimal auto-import strategy for a user).

For all new projects, you can set your own default under File | New Project Settings | Settings for New Projects.. | Build, Execution, Deployment | Build Tools. It is true for 2020.2 EAP builds (202.5548 and up).


I was unfortunate enough to upgrade to the 2020.1 version (Ultimate Edition all prod pack) and the maven auto-import functionality is gone...

Not having a maven auto-import is a show stopper... 

Is there an update or patch available to fix this OR can I get upgraded to 2020.2 with my current license if that version resolves this?

Thanks, a lot.


It's available in 2020.1.2, 2020.1.3 and 2020.1.4 and all the future versions, see


Serge Baranov Thank you ... I upgraded to 2020.1.4


I'm using version 2020.2 and the auto import is missing. Is this a regression?




Settings (Preferences on macOS) | Build, Execution, Deployment | Build Tools | Reload project after changes in the build scripts.



please put back maven auto import setting, now its more annoying as it always tries to download ....