Code Coverage on MSVC


I have to use MSVC, but I love CLion too much, so I managed to get it working to the compiler. Sadly, it seems that code coverage does not work with MSVC, and on the coverage tutorial MSVC isn't specified, just GCC/G++ and Clang. If anyone could tell me a way to test coverage using the specified toolchan, thank you in advance.



Only gcc and clang support code coverage out of the box, therefore we support these compilers. In case of MSVC there is a possibility to support using code coverage with clang-cl. Feel free to comment or upvote See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.


I'm having the same scenario, I need to use MSVC, but would like to setup code coverage. I see the linked CPP-19937 issue is closed as fixed. But, it's not clear to me how you setup CLion with code coverage for MSVC toolchain. Any instructions anywhere?


Thomas Thomassen, when you call Run with Coverage, but no coverage files (.gcov or .profraw) are found, CLion should suggest adding the coverage flags. See

Please note that for Clang-cl, code coverage is available only for the x86 architecture. Make sure to select it in the Architecture field of your Visual Studio toolchain.


Oh, only x86? Not x64? That's unfortunate, that's also one of my requirements. A very unexpected limitation these days. Wouldn't expect x86 to be that relevant for desktop environment any more.

I wonder, is it possible to supply code coverage via a plugin? Wondering if a plugin could drive OpenCppCoverage would work? (Been using a Visual Studio plugin for that on VS). MSVC and x64 is an absolute requirement for many (most?) of my projects on Windows. I really like CLion, but lack of code coverage and profiling for Windows under MSVC are key blockers that holds me back from fully migrating.

On some projects I might be able to switch to Clang, but MSVC has better C++ support for C++20/23 which makes also that a challenge.