Can't run Flex project:



I'm trying to run a Flex project within IDEA, but am coming up with the following errors:

[JOLTSApp_V1_0 (module Dev_v31)]: Permission denied: connect
    at Method)

And the Build fails with these 3:

  • [JOLTSApp_V1_0 (module Dev_v31)]: Permission denied: connect
  • [JOLTSApp_V1_0 (module Dev_v31)]: Accept timed out
  • [JOLTSApp_V1_0 (module Dev_v31)]: at

I'm figuring this is a local Windows firewall thing, but the techs at my organization have been making tweaks, but we've not had success. A colleague of mine can build and run this project with no issues.

Any ideas?


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Hi Eric,

Make sure that all IDE default directories, installation folder and project files are excluded from the scan. For more information, see help article one and two.

It may help to add this switch to Help | Edit Custom VM Options:

You may also want to delete all entries in your hosts file with assignments to "" (only keep the localhost one).