Lost my settings


With the last update I lost all my carefully fine tuned setting. This despite having had the default sync repository active but that too was deactivated. On reactivation of sync I only get a push settings but what I need is a pull settings to restore my system.

Which is very frustrating. Settings sync needs some improvements.


I noted this Article: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/settings-tools-settings-repository.html - so there had been a change with Version 2022.3.


Hello Martin Krischik. Do I understand you correctly that you used the Settings Repository before, not IDE Settings Sync? If yes, you can install the Settings Repository plugin from the Marketplace and pull your settings from the repository where you stored them. 

The Settings Sync solution is another feature that works differently, so if you didn't use it before, there are no settings in our cloud that could be pulled to your IDE.



I use Goland (on linux). I have problems with settings also. I mean with code style settings. Sometimes when I open ide - my code styles are reverted to defaults. I suspected it was a fault of sync but I switched it off. Maybe it is an issue with jetbrains toolbox? I will install Goland directly from tar.gz and check if it helps.


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