auto-saving files upon changes with intellij


I need to save my code with every key I press. How can I enable that? I could only find an option to lower it to 1 second


This is not possible in IDEA. Usually, using a lower value in "Save files if the IDE is idle for" option is enough for most use cases.

but it has it's own use case, it really should be there as an option


Could you please add more details about your use cases here? Any reason that you want to save this file on every key pressed? Thanks.


Hi all, Any possible workaround for this issue? Lejia Chen 

I am also facing a similar issue. My use case is that I am creating my own IntelliJ Markdown Preview Plugin and to make the markdown preview work instantly, I need the changes to the .md file saved instantly as the user types so that the markdown preview changes instantly.

Even setting the time to 1 sec doesn't make it instantaneous because it is 1 sec of IDLE time.

Can you please suggest a workaround for it?


Utkarsh Dubey There may be better options to update the preview. Please see for the details on how to get support related to the plug-in development.


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