How to make certain settings global?


There are certain configurations that are stored in the project by default, but because I have many projects I have to configure it over and over for each project, and sometimes it's not as straightforward as it seems.

I've searched and searched, and it's driving me so mad I'm considering going back to one of the other two major Java IDEs, even though I really love everything else about IDEA.

My major frustrations are (were) with:

  • Inspections
  • Code Style
  • Dictionary (the one that new words get added to via the inspection)
  • Scopes and Copyright
  • Default Run/Debug Configurations
  • Live Templates

Sometimes, a global option is available, like with Inspections and Code Style, but when I select those, it just shows the settings stored in that global profile, it doesn't actually applt it. When I click Ok and go back to Settings, the local profile is selected again.

Two (half) solved cases:

  • Somehow along the road, on one of my pc's the Global Code Style template became selected and stayed active even after closeing settings. Now I just copy my .ideaC2016.3 settings folder across other computers.
  • After many long sessions of Googling I found out how to enable global Inspections by editing profiles_settings.xml and setting <option name="USE_PROJECT_PROFILE" value="false" />. Unfortunately it's still on a per-project basis, and I now copy this file across all my projects.

For all other settings (and many more I haven't listed), I still can't find a way to enable global settings (Dictionary being the most important one). And I also like a real solution for the two half solved cases.


File | Other Settings | Default Settings, Code Style, Manage, Copy to Project. Now this code style will be used in all the new projects. Pretty same is for the inspections, Copyrights.

2017.1 has better UI for that:

Open issues: (run configuration) (dictionaries)


That's not good enough. It's what all the other answers say. What I need is a way that also existing projects will use the global settings, not just new ones. Moreover, that all the projects are using the same inspections, not a copy of an existing one. When I change any setting or add a dictionary word I also want to have that setting change for all existing projects, instantly.


I don't see how a settings repository will help me sync spelling words or default run configurations. I did a commit just to be sure and sure enough I don't see any file containing dictionary words or run configurations. Please read my original post before replying.


I've already linked you to the open bugs regarding the dictionaries and global run configurations, please follow these issues for updates.


I am not looking for a way to store settings in an external repository. While the idea isn't awful, it doen't solve the problem of having to set things up locally. I expect my settings to be local. While some settings may be specific to a project, most are not. Yet I still have to set everything up in each new project. I am not using an external repository to deal with that. This should be native functionality. 


I've the same Problem. Sharing the settings in my team does not work, because most of them are using another ide. So it's my problem to setup things like:

  • Encoding
  • Runtime assertations

for every workspace for my own.

It would be helpful for me, to set global preferences and override them project-specific if i need to.


I need a global run configuration in my Webstorm, so that every project I open should have the default set of configurations that I've already defined.

For e.g. I have various nodejs projects and all of them have the exact same mocha configuration. But I have to create it again & again for every project and there are 150+ such modules.


Run configurations for the new projects can be configured here:


You don't seem to understand the question. i have the same problem and it's driving me insane to the point that i wish to switch to another editor. we need a way for the IDE to apply it's global settings on each project you're opening. the solutions you are offering apply to new projects created via intellij, but that's never the case. you git clone a repository, open it with intellij and the global settings should apply. at the moment every time i open a new project with intellij, i have to setup the settings manually. for every language, for every project.


What specific settings do you need to specify every time for the imported projects?


@Serge Baranov He made that clear in the main post?


Of the things I mentioned I either don't use them anymore (copyrights) or have workarounds for most now (for dictionaries, using \*ugh* hard-links).


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