Ignore symlinks in project (indexing, code-completion etc)

Is there a feature for telling PHPStorm on a global basis to completly ignore symlinks in a project?

Either hiding them completly or just stop indexing them.

From reading various articles about this topic I already know that I can simly mark the folder as excluded. But it would be really nice, to just tell PHPStorm to stop doing this for every symlink in every project. I read about scopes but I am not sure if this can be configured that way...is there a pattern that matches only symlinks?


Hi there,

There are no such options AFAIK. And such option does not make much sense in general -- what if somebody wants to keep some big shared library outside of the project and use it via symlink (think about old style projects where no composer or any other dependency management system is used (e.g. not even git)) .. or just some other helper code that is not needed beyond development environment (IDE helpers etc).

Right now only marking such folders as Excluded or marking individual files (if there few of them) as Plain Text is the real way to go. Custom scopes will not help here at all (they are not taken into consideration when doing Code Completion/Indexing)

On related note:



Well it would be easy to fix:

  • Ignore symlinks within the same project
  • Accept symlinks which point outside the project

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