How to update skeletons remote interpreter


I have a few remote interpreters set up. If I update or install a package on these remote interpreter, pycharm fails to notice, so I will have all kinds of (wrong) warnings in the editor.

Is there a button like "update skeleton" to make pycharm update the skeletons for a particular interpreter, or do I have to remove that interpreter and then add it again?


I am using Pycharm 2017.3 Professional Edition on OSX High Sierra


Thank you!


Hi Apolino! The button exists but it's not so easy to find, you need to go to Settings | Project ... | Interpreter | Gear button | More | Interpreter Paths | Reload, here is a screenshot:


Ah, perfect! Thank you very much! :D


Is there any way to do this on IntelliJ with the Python Plugin?


Hi nombreinvicto

There is no such button in IntelliJ IDEA with Python plugin. You could use File | Invalidate Caches /Restart... , but it's not that convenient since it will force re-indexing.


Are you guys planning to make it easier to do that in PyCharm?

I run into this situation pretty frequently (add pip packages in the docker image, which runs my "remote interpreter") and it's a pain to follow the above procedure every time?

Exposing this as an Action would be absolutely amazing. 

Thanks for your time & attention!



@Paul Milovanov

We don't have plans since it's not a frequently reported issue, but Please feel free to submit a corresponding feature request to our issue tracker using the link and let us know if you need any help.


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