"Cannot resolve symbol …" for all the Java classes

I just switched to the LEDA EAP (122.264), with a project having a mix of Java and Scala code. The project compile fine, but:

  • In the editor, in both Java and Scala file, any reference to a Java class which is part of the project is highlighted in red with the error "Cannot resolve symbol …".
  • References to classes in libraries are OK
  • References to Scala classes in the project are OK.

How is that possible, and what can I do to solve this?



Hi Dmitry,

Yes, that did it. You're the man! Thank you,



I also have the same issue where my web module is not able to refer to my service modules. The project is building fine with mvn clean install, server starts but somehow I see the error - 'cannot resolve symbol' 

I tried other options such as Invalidated Caches/restart and deleted Caches files from a directory but no luck

IDE version installed - 2017.3 Ultimate


Please try to delete .idea directory and reimport the project from Maven. In case the issue persists, report at https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/requests/new and attach a sample project to reproduce it.


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