Project name and directory name


I'm a PhpStorm user and i just love it.

I just have one question. Why do the project name has to be the name of the directory?

I have a way to organize my projects where all the files (independent of the project) are always in a folder with the same name. So all the projects have the same name :|

Is there a way to change the project name? Or this can be something change in the future?

thanks and continue the aweeeweeeesome work :D

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Hi Pedro,

Sure it can be done, but manually (no GUI for this):
1) Go to PROJECT_FOLDER/.idea
2) There should be file named .name (if not there, then create it)
3) Open file in any text editor
4) This is plain text file that only has 1 line of text which is the name of the project. Edit the existing text or enter your own. Save changes.
5) File | Reopen -- you will see the changes (if the project you have edited in not currently opened)

Corresponding tickets:

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thanks for the fast reply :D

i'll give it a try :D


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