Enter key not selecting dropdown items


Hopefully I can describe this correctly. It's really annoying. It hasn't always done this, so I'm not sure if I accidentally remapped a keystroke or changed some setting. Using 2016.1.3 on OS X with default 10.5+ keymap.

Suppose I have a small block of code like this:

When I hit alt+enter it correctly brings up the suggestions and you can see "Insert new" is highlighted:

However, when I hit enter here, it does not select "Insert new" it just inserts a newline into the editor where my cursor was:

Any ideas? This happens with anything that pops up like that as a tooltip/suggestion. Enter just inserts a newline.

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Hello did you manage to fix it? Was it some settings? I have the same issue and cannot resolve it. It is quite annoying :(.. please help :)

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Setting actionSystem.noContextComponentWhileFocusTransfer to true in the registry did the trick.

(Invoke Cmd+Shift+Alt+/, choose Registry)

Not sure how it got set to false.

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Does not work in my case ;(.. I have it set to true, I tried to do the roundtrip setting false restart test, and setting true restart test and does not work :(

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I think I found it:

Editor Actions:
Choose lookup Item and Invoke Complete Statement: has shift+cmd+enter added enter
Complete Current statement: has shift+cmd+enter added enter

New line kept enter

Seems to work


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