Maven - can't see conflicts


I can't see dependecy conflicts in the Maven Projects tool and in the dependency diagram. The Maven Projects tool used to show omitted dependencies with a message, e.g.

And the dependecy diagram contained red edges to the omitted dependecies. Now, the omitted dependecies are not shown at all.

I use IDEA Ultimate 2016.1. 

Is there any way to get the conflicts marked again?

7 comments may be related. Please share a sample project to reproduce this problem. Thank you.


Even new project with following pom doesn't show the conflicts:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns=""



I see this: 

I noticed that the conflicts were shown for some maven projects until I reimported them.


Try re-importing with Maven 3.3 or later:


Thank You. It's working.

I have one other problem. For some maven projects named version-SNAPSHOT, it doesn't update dependecies according to changes in pom until I change version in pom e.g. to version-SNAPSHO. It doesn't work with auto-import enabled and also on manual reimport. If I delete everything from the pom beside the groupId, artifactId and version, it still behaves the same way.




Please report a bug at with a sample project and the steps to reproduce.


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