Is there an equivalent of emacs' m-x save-window-configuration-to-register


In emacs,

I can save the current window configuration (which windows/frames/panes are where and what files do they contain and where is the buffer position in the file to a "register" with a keystroke, then I can change all of that for some temporary excursion into other files, and then pop back to the original window configuration.

So I am looking at these three files, then oh, let's look at these two completely different files, and five minutes later, now that I'm done, let's go back to the three files I was editing earlier.

I can do that for almost any number of window configurations, and then restore them as I need. These window configurations do not persist across emacs sessions.

Is there any equivalent to that in PyCharm?

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Hi Jerry,

Thank you for contacting PyCharm support.

It seams to be related to Please feel free to comment and follow for future updates. 

See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.

Please correct me if I have missed something.

Kind regards,




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