Fonts in JetBrains products


 We have two Linux servers: old and new one. I provide "about' from old and new.

In the new server I have problem with fonts for IntelliJ products (PyCharm and IntelliJava).

What I have to change to fix the problem ? 

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Hi Semkin55,

What is your desktop environment?

Please upload your logs folder (Help | Compress Logs and Show in...) to and let me know the name of that zip file.

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Hi Sergey,

My desktop runs Windows 7 Enterprise and Hummingbird Exceed 11.00 

I have uploaded file (first time only idea.log, but second time whole log directory from HOME/.IdeaIC2018.2/system

Let me know, if you need additional info.




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I tried versions 8, 9, 10, 11 from Oracle with the same result

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Does the problem remain in 2018.3 version?

Please check and try adding the following line (Edit -> Custom VM Options)

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I fixed the problem by the following:

- delete line   "-Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=lcd" in idea64.vmoptions

  Immediately, I can see some words in the 'Appearance' tab

- Change antialiasing for IDE and Editor in the 'Appearance" to 'Grayscale' (top choice still not recognizable, 'No antialiasing' available too)

- Still some words not recognizable

- After 'Apply' and 'OK' (I know where they are) everything works ! 



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In one place I don't know how to change font: start-up for the 'IDEA'.

I see

but should be

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I don't see 'Override default fonts by'. I believe it is 'Use custom font'.

Tried all of them and submitted report.


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