how to change the cursor settings


i wanted to know if there's anyway to change the cursor settings so that when i Rerun my code, the cursor shows at the Run tab again.

meaning, when i hit my Run keys the first time, the cursor starts at the Run tab.

but when i rerun the code again, i need to move the cursor to the Run tab and click anywhere in it so i could retype my inputs.

and this happens when the Run tab is in Windowed mode, but when it's docked in Pycharm, it doesn't even have the cursor automatically in it. so i need to move the cursor again to the tab and click on the mouse to start typing my code.

i know this my sound like an idiotic complaint, but it's really frustrating having to move the mouse every single time i want to run my code. 

i hope that the images are more descriptive of what i mean.



The problem with docked mode (when focus wasn't set at all) seems to be similar to

Would you mind reporting the problem with rerun in windowed mode to


hi Sergey.
the first link in your comment is EXACTLY my problem!
but the solutions in it are still somewhat frustrating.


>but the solutions in it are still somewhat frustrating.

Sorry, what solutions? As I can see the issue is in Open state, which means that it is not yet done. Please vote for it in order to increase its priority and follow for updates. See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.


sorry that's my mistake.

i thought those were the "half solutions" in this link 

but turned out that they are not

i was reviewing their link on my phone so didn't get a chance to actually test those hotkeys

i also up-voted the issue in this link to increase its priority.

again, sorry for the inconvenience.


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