MariaDB code fragment editor deletes code


Pycharm Pro 2018.3.


Default Pycharm SQL dialect is MariaDB.

New blank project.


sql_text = 'select * from'

Alt + Enter - Select Edit MariaDB Fragment
Code appears in new window.
Reformat code - line break appears and keywords uppercased as desired in the fragment window.
Top window now looks like
sql_text = 'SELECT *

(Just that).
Close the fragment window , code is
sql_text = 'SELECT *

SQL Code Style is defaults plus Keywords and types set to Upper.

Any ideas?

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Would it be possible to provide this file for reproducing? You could upload it to, just let me know the name of the file so I can find it.

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Filename is

SQL dialect is MariaDB.
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Thank you!

I am able to reproduce it. I have filed an issue about it, please follow it for updates.

See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.


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