Stored Procedure and view does not show up in db explorer tree


I am using DataGrip 2018.3 to access a SS 2017 database.

There is 1 view and 1 stored procedure I noticed that do not show in DG but exist ( and can be viewed in SSMS).

I've tried "Sync" from the toolbar and File menus.

I've also tried to "Invalidate and Restart".

None of these help. 

This rather annoying and raises my suspicions that what DG is provided me may not be 100%  accurate or reliable.

The workaround is to use SSMS which *is* 100% accurate and reliable.


Is there a fix for this problem?





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Hi! Does Forget Chached Schemas and then Sync helps? 

�а��инки по зап�о�� datagrip forget cached schemas


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