"Apropos" terminal pops up when typing cmd+shift+A to get actions bar


Everytime I type cmd+shift+A to pop up the Actions menu to search for an action a yellow terminal window pops up instead. I can't even type anything, but it says it's a terminal window. This means I can't search for the action I was trying to get to.

It doesn't always say the same thing, it doesn't always happen (though most of the time it does these days), it doesn't matter what project I'm in and I have no idea why it pops up. Any idea what setting I may have triggered? It's stopping me from being able to use the action search.

A workaround I seem to have found it doing cmd+O and tabbing to actions but that's not ideal since that's several more character strokes and I don't have that on muscle memory except when actually thinking about doing a class search!

Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about. 


This was happening before updating to 2019.1 and continues even after updating. 


Say thanks to Apple for adding this shortcut, see https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-209726 for the workaround.

It has nothing to do with IntelliJ IDEA update. The issue is caused by macOS update.


I figured it out. I guess my latest Mac update added a new keyboard shortcut. Go to keyboard and disable that CMD+Shift+A shortcut...

I thought that at first but that shortcut wasn't do anything outside of IntelliJ. 


Thanks Serge, just saw your update. That worked +1


Thanks Serge !!!!!!!!!!!!!! That worked for me ! It made me crazy ! +1


I love you guys. It was realllllllllllllllllly annoying.


Thank you for a workaround! Super obnoxious


Thank you very much "Serge Baranov" & "Ryan Z Khalil" for solution !!!


Thanks, that was driving me crazy too! :)


Thanks Serge !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

You saved my life ~ 


Thanks Serge! Made my day :)


After restore keyboard defaults on mac high sierra it just resolved the problem (pycharm 2019.1.3)


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