Lost Keymaps / Project Environment Settings Upgrading to 2019.1


I boldly upgraded to 2019.1 this morning, and it looks like all of my preferences were thrown out. The app went from dark mode to light, and none of my keymaps were working. I started just fixing them as I came across them not working.

However, I just opened another existing django project and tried running it as normal and it looks like the project configuration is missing the normal Python interpreter. I'm wondering what else is lost.

Did I miss some migration step? 

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Looks like something went wrong during settings import.

PyCharm stores settings in different folders for each version. So there should be 2018.3 (if you used 2018.3 version) folder with your old settings https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/206544519

You could launch PyCharm 2018.3, then export your settings with File | Export Settings..., then launch 2019.1 and import them. Please note that you can have multiple PyCharm versions installed at the same time.

Another option is to completely remove 2019.1 (including all 2019.1 related directories listed in the article above), install it again, launch and import settings from 2018.3 folder.

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Okay. I upgraded using the Upgrade Button on the JetBrains Toolbox systray app on MacOS. Does it sound like maybe when I launched it, I ignored an import wizard modal or something?  I'd like to think I would have caught that, but I do use the app in multiple spaces with different projects / windows so I could have somehow missed it.

I don't have 2018.3 installed still that I can tell, I had figured using the Toolbox, Upgrade would overwrite the previous installation.  I also only see one app listed in spotlight search for Pycharm.

I did find my Pycharm2018.3 folder in Preferences. If I wanted to go back, would I need to uninstall 2019.1 from toolbox, find 2018.3, install that export, then reinstall 2019.1?

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You don't need to uninstall 2019.1 to install 2018.3.

Try doing it as described above regarding Exporting and Importing settings.


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