Toolbox needs 450+ MB of RAM?


Subject says it all: on my Mac, the activity Monitor shows me 450+ MB memory usage for the tool box. Why on earth does a little utility that keeps track of installed/available tools, and my local projects need such amounts of memory?

Official comment

You are right, that's too much. We're working on improving it and hope to share the new version soon.

Sounds great, thank you very much!


Came here searching for this. Been getting out of memory warnings and Toolbox is one of the largest offenders. Glad to hear there is a fix coming. 


On Linux the ram consumption is still 300-400MB. The tool is really useful but the memory footprint is not justified. I guess that is because of the tools used for cross platform compatibility. I hope you can solve this one, especially for the case when it's sitting idle in the systray.


I echo what others have said in that it is a very helpful tool but idle RAM consumption is 383.4 MB (in linux). I had to disable it from running on startup. 


(Linux) It seems this issue is not solved yet, had to disable Toolbox also and launch it only occasionally to handle updating, not very useful and certainly against the proposed usage. 


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