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  • Vincent Stoessel 创建了一个帖子,

    Groovy Refactor: Convert to Java, not so much

    Wanted to move a groovy class from my grails project to a java one and tried out the "Convert to Java" refactor but nothing happens.I looked around and see no class being created. It just silently ...
  • Vincent Stoessel 创建了一个帖子,

    Inspection slowdown since 11.02?

    For the past day it seems like IntelliJ IDEA 11.02 seems to analyse my java classes very slowly. Eventually it will turn green or yellow but initially remains red for a noticebly lonber period of t...
  • Vincent Stoessel 创建了一个帖子,

    Can you create a MyClass.groovy file that contains a MyClass within?

    I have been reading the forums and can't find a definitive answer on this one. It seems when I do have .groovy files that are also groovy classes of the same name (like Java) I evetuallystart getti...
  • Vincent Stoessel 创建了一个帖子,

    IDEA 8.1 suddenly running out of memory on startup

    I've been happily using IDEA until today. This morning, I changed 2 things in my OSX dev enviroment:Upgraded svn client to 1.6.0 via macportsupgraded the IDEA Ruby plugininstalled the Spring WebFlo...
  • Vincent Stoessel 创建了一个帖子,

    Convention for branched svn projects?

    Let's say I have      /trunk/MyApp   and /branches/MyApp/VERSION_1should I have a seperate IDEA project for each to be safe? I know there have been some issues re: IDEA's switch interface (http://w...
  • Vincent Stoessel 创建了一个帖子,

    Any way to change a project's VCS root?

    Hello, I just migrated my SVN repo to a new server. Instead of checking out from the new server and opening a new project with the result I'd like to just adjust the root.I though that in older ver...
  • Vincent Stoessel 创建了一个帖子,

    How does VCS labelling work on SVN?

    Does TeamCity implement "VCS labelling" by creating a copy into branches/ or tags/ ? I have labelling checked on but I'm not sure how it is being applied to my svn repository?Sorry if this is a du...
  • Vincent Stoessel 创建了一个帖子,

    Serious Refactoring issue in 7.0.3: refactor copies instead of renaming

    When I use refactor -> rename on a class or package, instead of getting the expected operation I get instead a copy of the originalclass or package. Don't know if anyone else has experienced this...
  • Vincent Stoessel 创建了一个帖子,

    Bizzare behavior from from 7.0.3 - won't open html files.

    I don't what I did but for some reason IDEA will not open any of the .html files in my project. It also refuses to display html files that "opened" outside of the project. I'm a webapp developer, s...
  • Vincent Stoessel 创建了一个帖子,

    How do I get more than one row of tabs in IDEA 7.0.2?

    Hello,I am running 7.0.2 under OSX 10.5 (jdk 1.5) and whether I have the single row option in the prefschecked or not, all of my tabs are constrained into a single row. I am forced to scroll throug...