What compiler/debugger can I use within CLion?

CLion supports GCC and Clang compilers. This means that on Windows you can select between MinGW (or MinGW-W64) and Cygwin environments, Microsoft Visual C++ compiler (mind, the debugger is not available in this case) or Windows Subsystem for Linux toolchain.

You can also use the Intel compiler, but some issues are possible since this case currently is not covered by our internal testing suite.

Note: If you are using Visual Studio for C++ development (along with msbuild), try our ReSharper for C++.

As for the debugger, CLion includes bundled GDB 8.1 for Linux and Windows (note, no GDB is bundled for Cygwin on Windows) and GDB 8.0 for macOS, bundled LLDB 5.0 on macOS and Linux. Custom GDB 7.8.x-8.1.x can be selected in CLion settings as well.


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I've tried installing versions 4.8.5 and 4.9.3 of mingw-w64 and in each case CLion sees it as mingw 5.0.  Screenshot:


Where exactly can I get the latest version of mingw fully compatible with CLion?



Actually this 'version' (4.8.5, 4.9.3) in fact represents version of GCC compiler while the version of MinGW-w64 distribution is different (5.0). That is the point which confuses many of our users since CLion currently supports MinGW-w64 distribution versions range is 3.x-4.x, so they see this warning in settings (since 5.0 doesn't fit).

However, you still can use the version that is officially not supported (5.0), just be aware the some issues are possible.


I installed clang/llvm on windows and CLion still asked for mingw ... it seems that CLion does not recognize clang

downloaded from http://llvm.org/releases/download.html


CLion uses Cygwin or MinGW on Windows. So you need to install one of this and then install clang from MinGW or Cygwin to use inside CLion (find here how to change compiler in CMake:  https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/207251865-How-can-I-change-compilers-in-CLion-).


> As for the debugger, CLion includes bundled GDB 7.8 (except for Cygwin on Windows)

So, should I use WinGW instead of Cygwin?  I don't know which one I should install on Windows.  I mainly create c project and don't create c++ project.  Any preference to which one I should use?


Mark, it's up to you what to choose.
This just means that for Cygwin you have to install GDB package as well.


Thanks, Anastasia.  I managed to install Cygwin though the setup process only has the option to install v7.10.1 of the GNU Debugger.  I am not sure how to get v7.8 installed which is what CLion wants.. 


Mark: The easiest way to get a compatible compiler I've found is to install QtCreator and use the MinGW which is included in that.  Since I want QtCreator anyway this worked for me.


Mark, unfortunately, current CLion version doesn't support GDB 7.10 available in the latest Cygwin version. So currently you can install older Cygwin version to get GDB 7.8. Or use 7.10, though some problems exist in CLion, which we plan to get fix in the next version. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for the suggestion, Peter.  

Thanks, Anastasia.  I will just wait until CLion supports 7.10.  I don't have an urgent need to use gdb, actually never used it before and was going to use CLion to learn it.



Thanks, Eric. You are right - it's not supported currently because of some problems listed as subtickets here: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/CPP-6883. Feel free to follow to get the updates.


What is the proper way to implement an Intel Compiler tool chain on Windows? Should I be installing the Linux compiler versions into Cygwin and using that? 

I am trying to transition from a Windows-based Development environment to Linux, and I use Resharper++ for VS now. I would like to transition to CLion in my current windows environment to get used to it before I jump in completely into Linux. Sadly, to be compatible with my run environment, I need to link against some Intel libraries.


1) Will VS debugger ever be supported? Currently VS environment is almost useless without a debugger.

2) Will at least it ever be possible to debug MSVC builds with GDB or WinGDB?

3) Clang exists on Windows, when will it be supported in CLion?


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Alexander, let me address your questions:

  1. Microsoft debugger is proprietary software, which can't be used in CLion due to licensing. So we have to reimplement the debugger from scratch. We do that now. Debugger will be LLDB-based and hopefully some preview will land in 2019.2 EAP
  2. We've tried CDB but it works badly and crashes too often. LLDB seems a better approach, at least a proof of concepts works nicely for us internally.
  3. Currently, Clang is supported from MinGW/Cygwin. And it's not possible to install it from LLVM repo directly. There are some technical issues with that. We hope to address them later.

I'm only doing cross development for ARM on Windows. I'm able to use CMake without MingW. All CMake needs is make and I'm using GNU make.

However, when setting up under Windows, the only options under Toolchains->Environment is MinGW, Cygwin, Visual Studio, WSL and Remote Host.

I don't want to install any of these. Is there a way to configure CLion to not use any of them?

What is the dependency between CLion and MinGW, for example?



When will Windows Debugger be available in CLion?


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