Keymaps and useful shortcuts, what to do if a shortcut is not working?

CLion supports a variety of keymaps:

  • IntelliJ IDEA,
  • Emacs,
  • Visual Studio,
  • Eclipse,
  • NetBeans,
  • Xcode,
  • ReSharper,
  • VIM, etc.

Choose and use your favorite one, or tweak it and save a custom one. Go to Preferences/Settings | Appearance and Behavior | Keymap to manage keymaps, or just press Ctrl+` to quickly switch the scheme.

If a shortcut is not working for you, before reporting the error to our tracker please rule out the following possibilities:

  • The CLion shortcut conflicts with some system shortcut, and pressing it in the IDE does something different from the expected behavior.
  • You are trying a shortcut that differs from the current keymap set.

If the problem persists, please report the issue to our tracker.

Here is a list of the top 10 actions & default keymap shortcuts for these actions:

  • Quick-fix: Alt+Enter on all platforms — Shows intention actions and quick-fixes.
  • Smart completion: Ctrl+Shift+Space on all platforms — Offers more accurate completion suggestions than basic completion, by filtering the list of methods and variables to match the expression type.
  • Refactor this: Ctrl+T on all platforms — Shows the list of refactorings available in the current scope.
  • Parameter info: Cmd+P on OS X, Ctrl+P on Windows/Linux — Shows the method call’s arguments with types.
  • Go to Related Symbol: Ctrl+Cmd+Up for OS X, Ctrl+Alt+Home — Helps you to quickly navigate between .h and .cpp files, and more.
  • Generate code: Cmd+N on OS X, Alt+Insert on Windows/Linux — Suggests code generation options for you.
  • Surround With: Cmd+Alt+T on OS X, Ctrl+Alt+T on Windows/Linux — Helps you generate surrounding blocks of code like if..else, do..while, #ifdef, etc.
  • Find usages: Alt+F7 on all platforms — Finds code and non-code usages of the selected word.
  • File structure: Cmd+F12 for OS X, Ctrl+F12 in Windows/Linux— Helps you navigate through the file structure.
  • Find action: Shift+Cmd+A on OS X, Ctrl+Shift+A on Windows/Linux — Searches for actions by their names; especially useful when you don’t know the full action name.


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If working on a file, what is the shortcut to navigate to the next ERROR? I have a tough time navigating to it, and I depend on the red color code near the scroll bar for this. 


In the default keymap, next highlighted error is F2 (prev with Shift+F2).


I use Eclipse keymap, some shortcuts, for example Alt + Shift + R to rename a file is not working. Please fix it.


MacOS High Sierra, v10.13.6.

I am trying to use IntelliJ 2019.2 EAP, with the Ruby plugin (Ruby development this round), and I cannot get F8 to step over a breakpoint, it just starts/pauses my music.

How do I get the debugging default key mappings to work?


Hi there i am having issue with Refactor This keyboard shortcut(control + T)  on MacOs Sierra High, Since i love that thing to be so close to my finger tips  i have opted (option + 1 Double Click) which for me is not as bad as going up top  to the Menu bar to reach out for this very thing.


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