Authentication error with SSH remote interpreter




I have a remote server with SSH already configured and completely accessible from the terminal with public/private key setted up.

When i try to connect to the server via remote interpreter i get an auth failure, even if i use the same passwd and username and i use the already generated private key, is there a step that i'm missing?



Have you been able to resolve this? I'm having the same issue. I'm certain the IP, port, username, private key, and key passphrase are correct because I can use them to log in over ssh from a terminal, but PyCharm always just says "Authentication failure" when I'm trying to set up the remote interpreter. Firewall is turned off.


Hello everyone,

I solved this problem by first setting up a deployment server on the remote environment to which I wanted to connect to. (so under tools>deployment).

After that, I went back to the remote interpreter and used the already set up deployment server connection as a mean to connect to the SSH server.

This worked for me, and I guess it kind of makes sense to first set up a deployment server cause the SSH interpreter is gonna execute code on the VM and he needs a place where to put this code before being able to execute it.

I hope that this is gonna be helpful,



Hi Andrea.  I tried this as well but am facing a similar issue with setting up a remote deployment server in that I am able to SFTP from a shell to the remote machine, but get a "connection to server failed" message when attempting the connection in PyCharm.  


I'm having the same issue, everything seems to be configured correctly and the login works, but upon finishing the setup a pop up says Error Permission denied.


Hi, Aaugust5! Have you solved this issue? I have the same problem.


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