Reporting JCEF problems

JCEF (Java Chromium Embedded Framework) is used to render Jupyter and Markdown previews in IntelliJ based IDEs. This article describes how to report issues with Jupyter/Markdown previews, such as when preview is not displayed.

First of all, please check this article to identify if the issue is related to missing libraries. If those recommendations didn't help, please proceed to collect the following data:

DevTools console log

  1. Enable ide.browser.jcef.contextMenu.devTools.enabled in Help | Find Action | Registry...
  2. Right-click anywhere in the preview window to call the context menu, and select "Open DevTools" (if context menu doesn't appear, skip this section)
  3. JCEF DevTools window should appear. Switch to "Console" tab and provide in your report any errors you may see there

JCEF log

  1. Add the following VM option:
  2. Currently JCEF log is written to stdout/stderr, so we will need to start IDE from terminal
  3. Reproduce the issue and provide the terminal output in your report
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There is no context menu showing up in the preview window on right-click. Even with this setting enabled.


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