Compiling File Watcher

At the moment, JetBrains provides builds of fsnotifier binary only for x86-64 and AArch64 architectures. If you want to use it on some other platform, please compile it yourself:

  1. Upgrade the IDE to version 2019.3 or newer.
  2. Make sure you have C compiler and standard library headers/libraries packages installed (on Ubuntu, sudo apt install libc6-dev gcc should be enough).
  3. Download all *.h and *.c files along with from <>, then execute in the directory with downloaded files, optionally setting $CC if clang is not available.
  4. Copy the compiled fsnotifier binary into any location, preferably outside of the IDE installation directory.
  5. Start the IDE and invoke Help | Edit Custom Properties action (or Configure | Edit Custom Properties from the welcome screen), add the following line, then restart the IDE:
    `idea.filewatcher.executable.path = /path/to/fsnotifier`

You may need to adjust inotify(7) instances and watches limits.

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