Collecting Java debugger logs

To get the raw logs from the Java debugger please perform the following steps:

  1. Add -Didea.debugger.trace=ALL into the .vmoptions file using the Help | Edit Custom VM Options menu.
  2. Start IntelliJ IDEA from the command line (Terminal) so that console output can be observed. On Windows run bin\idea.bat, on Linux start with bin/, on macOS use this command in the Terminal: /Applications/IntelliJ\
  3. Reproduce the problem with the debugger, copy all the text from the console and attach it to your report.

In case there is a lot of output it may be handy to start IntelliJ IDEA with the console output redirected to a file (idea.bat > output.txt on Windows, > output.txt on Linux).

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If you see the following output when running,

Error: Could not find or load main class # custom IntelliJ IDEA VM options

, edit idea.exe.vmoptions to remove the illegal comment "# custom IntelliJ IDEA VM options" to work around this defect.

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There could be some issue with your .vmoptions file in the config directory ( Wrong line endings or some incorrect Unicode symbol or option.

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Is there no output sent to stderr? Just stdout?

The instructions above seem to assume all output of interest goes to stdout.


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It should go to stdout.

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For Windows, use:

idea.bat > output.txt 2>&1



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