In-IDE notifications about license expiration

The IDE displays notifications when the paid period of the license is approaching expiration:
  • between 14 and 12 days before expiration: "<product> subscription expires on X"; 
  • on any day of the last week before expiration when the IDE has started: "<product> subscription expires on X. Renew your subscription to use the latest versions."
During the grace period after the license has expired, notifications are also shown:
  • if auto-renewal was set up but didn't go through due to some issue, a notification about the expired license will appear at least 3 days after expiration and before the grace period ends: "Could not renew your license. To continue using <product>, the license should be renewed before X";
  • if auto-renewal was not set up, the notification will appear every time the IDE is started while the grace period lasts: "Your <product> subscription expired on X. If you don't renew it before Y, you will no longer be able to use the product.".
If the license was renewed and the IDE successfully updated the license info, there will be no notifications.
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