Silent or Unattended installation on Windows

It's possible to install IntelliJ IDEA based IDEs silently on Windows. We are using NSIS installer and it accepts the following command line switches:

  • /S — perform silent (unattended) installation into the default installation directory (the switch is case sensitive)
  • /D=<installation directory> — change the default installation directory


ideaIU-15.0.3 /S /D=W:\Program Files\IntelliJ IDEA 15

You can find more details in NSIS documentation.

At the moment we do not provide MSI installers for our products, however you can create your own MSI package by wrapping our installation executable inside MSI in the silent mode.


Hey I'm trying to update (250) computers to Pycharm 5 and then in a few months to the newer releases once we are happy with them.

I can install it silently on a PC that has no Pycharm with the above options, however if there is an existing Pycharm install, then the /S option does not preform the install, I assume that it detects an existing Pycharm install and since no user input can be given for the un-install option the install process just drops out silently.

Is there a way to achieve this using the NSIS options that you provide ?


When we installed with D:\PhpStorm-2016.2.1.exe" /S

Installation works perfectly, but we have below issues.

  1. It didn't create desktop shortcut - We fixed with Powershell option to manually create desktop shortcut
  2. Uninstaller gives below error, so can't uninstall. Even after system restart, it still gives below error.

Similar issue was fixed some time ago:

If you can reproduce it with the current version, please submit a new bug at

See regarding the desktop shortcut problem in silent mode.


We are having a blocker for our installation. Can we have some workable workaround?

Can we use NSIS installer from and NSIS build conf from to create a deploy-able package?

We have a bulk rollout for large number of Windows 10 machines.


Use the zip version from

Feel free to package it into MSI or NSIS or any other installer that will put it into the right location and add the shortcuts to desktop/menu if needed.

Using .nsi script from the source distribution is not an option for you since it depends on a lot of the generated files and can be produced only as a part of the CI server build process.

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Hey Guys you c an use a power shell script to do this if you use SCCM.


I did this with the pycharm version that I mentioned above.


The silent (/S) installation puts the uninstall registration into HKCU of the installing user, the non-silent installation puts it into HKLM. I'll bet the "bin directory is busy" bug is related and that what happens there is the uninstaller starts from the HKCU registration and apparently expects the installation path to be writable without elevation (i.e. in the user profile). It turns out not to be, and some file operation fails. The exact error is displayed in the installation progress dialog's "Details" view, btw.

To uninstall the result of the silent installation, extract the UninstallString from HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\PyCharm <version> and run it in an elevated command prompt.

Ceterum censeo: This bug would have been avoided by using MSI as the distribution package format. (Wrapping the buggy EXE in an MSI is not a viable alternative.)


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