IDE distribution download doesn't work or hangs at the end

  1. Download freezing at the end is usually caused by the local antivirus performing the scan of the large file, if it doesn't complete after several minutes, please disable the antivirus and try again.
  2. Some corporate proxy servers may have content filtering enabled and perform files scan on the fly which can also slow down or completely block the download. Contact your IT department for the solution or try downloading from another ISP/location bypassing the filtering proxy.
  3. Your ISP may be blocking our download mirrors or there might be a temporary problem with one of the mirrors. In this case you can try the alternative mirror. To download from a different mirror copy the direct download link from the downloads page, it will look like this:

Replace part with the following:

If the download is blocked by the .exe file type, some products have an alternative distribution package without JRE in a form of the .zip file, replace .exe with in the direct download link to get the alternative package. Note that .zip downloads are not available for some products.

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